Static Series Mk4 Headband Assembly

  • My most advanced headband design.

    The MK4 headband is the latest the design. It's significantly simpler than the previous designs while also being more durable than all previous variants. The Variable Openmod headband is based on this, but significantly simplified. This headband is both more complex but also more comfortable than the Variable Openmod designs.

  • The parts required for the assembly:

    3D Printed: PETG headband, 2 clips, TPU Headpad

    Nuts/Screws: four M2x8mm countersunk phillips screws, four M2 hex nuts, two M4x20mm panhead phillips screws, two M4 hex nuts

    Elastic Strap: 25cm, 28mm wide, button holes

  • First, insert the elastic strap through the holes of the headpad

  • Next, attach the clips to the elastic band, like buttoning a shirt.

  • You can put it in different holes to increase the stiffness of the headstrap.

  • Repeat for the other side.

  • Insert the M2 hexnuts into these rectangular holes.

  • Do it for both holes.

  • After that, just attach the clip to the headband.

  • Screw in the clip. The screw holes are located on the sides.

  • Now just repeat that for the other side.

  • Insert the M4 screw into the screw holder.

  • Now insert the M4 hex nut into the hole on the sides.

  • For the yoke you will see an arrow showing which was is front. If the arrow is on the right side of the hole, then it's the right yoke, left side, left yoke. The smaller arm is the side that faces the front.

  • Insert it now through the yoke and into the headband. Then screw it in.

  • Insert it now through the yoke and into the headband. Then screw it in.

  • Repeat it for the other side.

  • Now just slide the earcups on.

  • Finished!