It's your headphones.

My goal is to make comfortable headphones that can easily be repaired. When browsing headphone forums, some of the most common posts would be people modifying their headphones to be more comfortable, especially the headband by adding more cushioning and what not. The easiest solution would actually be to just use a suspension headband. A suspension headband basically adds much more cushioning along with a large pad that spreads out the the weight better on your head.

The other problem that I commonly see is repairing broken headphones. One of the most common breakage points on a pair of headphones is the headband. And well, making an indestructible headband would simply be impossible. So instead, I've designed the headband to consist of parts that are easy to replace and easy to obtain.

About Me.

My name is Ryan and currently the only person running this company. I live in Texas, USA.
I do the 3D modeling, assembly, soldering, camera work, video editing and this website.
Email: variablestaticheadphones@gmail.com

Variable Static?

Where did the name come from? Well it's a combination of two words, Variable and Static. And with those two words are two designs. Variable, meaning adjustable designs, similar to how the AKG K1000 has an adjustable angle for its drivers without taking apart anything. While Static, would mean a more conventional design. Variable headphones will be much more experimental headphones and are unlikely to be mass produced. Static headphones are going to be much more common in terms of design.


15 day return policy. All items must be returned in the same condition that it was sent in.

If any parts fail or is DOA, replacement parts can be requested and will be sent free of charge. Please refer to the "How to Assemble or Repair" section on the top of the page if you are unsure how to repair your headphones. This only applies for 1 year after the headphones have been purchased. Picture(s) of the damaged part is required. This is so I know how the headphone part has failed and so I am able to improve and prevent the failure from happening again. Warranty only applies to orders within the USA. Orders outside of the US will just have extra parts included within the box.


Ships from the USA. Free shipping in the lower 48 states. If for some reason I don't ship to your country, send me an email. I'll see what I can do. If you're not located in the US and think shipping is too high, send me a message, I'll see if it's possible to adjust the pricing.