Static Satellite Earcups Assembly

  • A nearfield earcup design.

    All the parts and tools that I use. M2x8mm countersunk phillips screws and M2 hex nuts. PJ392 socket and a 50mm driver.

    This headphone, or well earcup was designed not really to be as modifiable as my other headphones. It's an experimental headphone that just turned out well enough to where I decided to release it.

  • Start with inserting the hex nut in the hole where the socket will be inserted.

  • Next insert the socket into the socket hole. This will also help prevent the hex nut from falling out.

  • After that, insert two hex nuts into the holes on each side of the legs.

  • Now add the driver clamp. It should sit flush and not move around.

  • Next add the connect the driver to the socket. The driver should sit on the driver clamp with the diaphragm upwards.

  • Now put all the wiring within that space. It should fit.

  • Put the driver cover over the drivers and screw it in. There are 3 screws.

  • Make sure you have the right body. You will see a "U" shape on each side where the yoke is. The wall of the U should be facing the same direction as the socket's hole.

  • Now attach the main body to the legs. Make sure that the legs fit flush and that the hex nuts within the legs aren't getting in the way.

  • Afterwards use two screws to screw the main body into the legs. The back longer legs should just friction fit together.

  • Insert four hex nuts in the main body.

  • Attach the pad mount to the main body.

  • Use 4 screws to screw the pad mount to the main body.

  • Now repeat it for the other earcup. And then add the earpads.